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Hello, Miku and Snow Miku fans! It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally managed to sort through our collection of photos to bring you our photo report of Snow Miku 2019 and its various activities! This year was made extra special, largely in part to it also being the 10th anniversary of Snow Miku.

From the Snow Miku Sky Town, to the week-long festivities, up until the exhibition and concert weekend, we did our best to capture it all! Check out the gallery below!

Snow Miku Sky Town & Pronto Cafe

Located inside the New Chitose airport on the 4th floor, the Snow Miku Sky Town store is open year-round and carries various exclusive goods. The Pronto cafe next to this shop offers Snow Miku collaboration food dishes during the Snow Miku celebration week.

Snow Miku 2019: Day 0

I explored Odori Park in central Sapporo on Sunday, February 3rd, to catch early glimpses of the completed snow sculptures. I also saw the Snow Miku sculpture just as the ice crown was placed on her head, giving a rare look at its jewel-like transparency before it was snowed on the next day!

The Snow Miku & Sapporo Snow Festival Week

There were many places to visit and activities to enjoy during the week of the Snow Festival. Descriptions can be found on each photo in the gallery!

Snow Miku AR Stage

This AR experience on Odori Block 2 deserves its own section! By downloading the app from the QR code, and pointing it at the sculpture, a simultaneous AR event plays at the same time for all people watching! It seems there were two other locations where this app could be used for different experiences, but we learned about them after the event ended.

The Exhibition Weekend

The weekend had its own adventures at the exhibition, as well as the live concert event!

Fan-gatherings & Offkai Events

It’s common practice for Miku fans to host their own party and dinner gatherings in celebration of these special Miku events! Here’s my photos from several of them.

February 9th Afterparty Dinner, “Yuki Niku”

February 10th After-party Dinner, “Yuki Miku Offkai”

Winter Snow Skypiea
An 8-hour long fan DJ event, with live wall painting by illustrator Apapico!

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