May 112016

The Hatsune Miku x Sony Xperia collaboration teased at the Nico Chokaigi event last April had many people curious. Was there going to be a new Miku edition phone? Why was Miku wearing red headphones? All we were asked to do was wait… So wait we did, and Sony finally announced the project today: A new exclusive ringtone music campaign for Sony Xperia device owners!

Campaign Site:

If you use a Sony Xperia device, you can use it to access the special collaboration site, where you can download full versions of new original songs by 17 Vocaloid producers, with a promise of new content added every Wednesday for a “limited time”. Short previews are played for non-Xperia users. Please note that this campaign is currently available only to Xperia devices operating within Japan. However, this may expand to gobal Xperia devices sometime soon, according to Crypton Future Media’s Wat.

Producer List For First 17 Songs
01. Colate
02. dezzy
03. とあ
04. でか大
05. 整列P
06. Eight
07. ねじ式
08. ゆずひこ
09. ちばけんいち
10. Diarays
11. ちんたら
12. add9
13. 黒魔
14. L75-3
15. mint*
17. tilt-six

The promotional video below features a remix of VOICES by Callasoiled, and voice acting by none other than Fujita Saki herself, the voice provider of Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid software.

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