Jan 202012

I hope you’re not too overloaded with Vocaloid merchandise after Christmas, because DaniwellP has decided to toss another awesome gift our way. As most educated Vocaloid fans should know, the original Nya! meme was started by DaniwellP on nicovideo back in July 2010. The song was used in various videos and even remade countless times, until it finally hit gold status on a global scale with Nyan Cat.

To celebrate the massive success of his original creation, DaniwellP is releasing a special album with many of his popular feline related tracks, as well as various remixes! With 22 bright and cheerful tracks, you can bet it will lift your mood and put a smile on your face. The album is currently listed on cdjapan for 1905 yen, although they also ship internationally. The first press is sold out, so there’s no bonus items. The album is set to ship on February 1st.

If you know of other (and possibly cheaper) sources, please post them in the comments!

And with that, enjoy this preview of the album posted by the artist himself.

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