Dec 272012

Click to see VocaNicoNight website.

For veterans of past Voca Nico night performances, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s another event scheduled for February 2nd at 18:00 JST. This is a pretty early announcement, so make sure to use this time to plan ahead.

For anyone who has never seen or heard of Voca Nico Night before, it’s a live DJ event where many notable Vocaloid producers come together and perform various tracks for a live audience, even online.

The stream is available for free viewing, although there is a risk of being kicked under high server load if you’re a free user. If you’d prefer to watch it at a later time, to avoid server load or simply not being able to watch it when it airs, you can reserve a time-shift slot.

Livestream Link:

Here is the list of announced producers for this event (click names for details):

鼻そうめんP (HanasoumenP)
さつき が てんこもり (Satsuki ga Tenkomori)
鬱P (Utsu-P)
DJ’TEKINA (Yuyoyuppe)
椎名もた (PowapowaP)
すけっちP (suketchP)

In case you have trouble keeping track of Japan Standard Time, here’s a clock to help you out. Mark your calendars and have fun!

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