Oct 132015

Previously announced in June, the official collaboration music video “B Who I Want 2 B” featuring Hatsune Miku and Amuro Namie is now available on YouTube!

The music video features the same Hatsune Miku design used in “Persona 4: Dancing all Night”, along with Namie’s own animated avatar. The song was produced by UK artist Sophie, and the lyrics were co-written by Mitchie M with the concept of “NEO TOKYO”, and theme of “Urban, Game and Fashion”. The collaboration helps to promote Namie’s new album “_genic”, which released in CD, DVD and Blu-Ray editions earlier in June.

The music video can be viewed below from Namie’s official YouTube channel! There is also a unique teaser video from NYLON JAPAN’s channel, and a lyric video for those who enjoy more karaoke-style videos.


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