Oct 072015

In the recent live stream by Goodsmile Racing, staffs were discussing on their next race at Autopolis, and seized the chance to present the all new Racing Miku 2015 outfit style: Racing Miku: TeamUKYO Cheering Ver. The design, as illustrated by Taiki, has also been showcased at the recent Ita G Festival in Odaiba 2015 event on October 4th.

Following the aforementioned stream, Crypton Future Media has announced the official title for Snow Miku 2016: “Snow Miku: Snow Owl Ver.”, and revealed the teasers for the Nendoroid and Figma (images below). The announcement came via the most recent MikuColle stream. More information are expected to arrive soon as we’re gradually entering the season.

Lastly, the VOLKS Dollfie Dream: Hatsune Miku Mikuzukin outfit has been announced for a re-release in the event DD Gathering 2015 on October 10th, with online sale confirmed for both domestic and international stores. Additionally, the store will have a Cooking Set on sale that comes with a leek in the set.

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