May 222015

The live stream “Hatsune Miku Time 8” today has covered on several interesting topics, with the main event as the final selection of 2016 Snow Miku and her rabbit partner Yukine. We’ve participated in the stream and captured several announcements, including screenshots of each.

First to announce is the reveal of 2015 Magical Mirai second visual by hoshima. Staffs have also teased a minute-long preview of the official 2015 Magical Mirai theme song “Hand in Hand” by kz during the program.

Following up next is the announcement of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai compilation CD+Blu-ray. The set comes with Nendoroid Mikudayo and exclusive accessories, with worldwide shipping also available (more info here). Also announced are the Hatsune Miku animal charm straps with further details to arrive at a later date.

Goodsmile Racing took a step in the live stream revealing 2015 Racing Miku Thailand ver visual, in promotion of their next race in Thailand on June 21st. As a friendly reminder, Figma sponsorship courses are still open up until June 10th.

The final voting of 2016 Snow Miku and Yukine concludes with Owly Owl Snow Miku 2016 and Flying Yukine both by Kotatsu Odoki as winners by 35.5% and 54.5% of the votes, respectively. A tweet from @GSC_GUMA has confirmed Nendoroid and Figma production for 2016 Snow Miku and Yukine.

As an additional note, Kotatsu Odoki was also one of the finalists in 2012 Snow Miku design contest. You can view the submitted design here.

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