May 212015

For the past few years we’ve witnessed many Miku-inspired innovations, and today we bring you on the topic of “Miku Miku Face”. Miku Miku Face is a technology capable of facial detection via built-in camera and simultaneously project the captured images into the creation of Miku’s Face. Along with full-motion head support, this technology virtually brings Miku to the three-dimensional world with flexible expression.

In addtion, the creator of Miku Miku Face, Takemoto Takuma, otherwise known as Himana Gakusei 7, is also the creator of the real-time singing program “HANAUTAU“(MIKUTYPE). The program allow users to generate speeches via VOCALOID software by typing, with pitch adjustment according to the operator’s humming. In the video below by Sankei demonstrates the usage of Miku Miku Face combines with MIKUTYPE as Takemoto hums and types.

Miku Miku Face was first introduced in Entertainment Computing 2014 at Meiji University Nakano campus on September 12th~14th, 2014, later showcased in VOCACON in February this year with full-scale body.

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