May 212015

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We’re now just a day before the official Snow Miku 2016 and her partner Yukine! Tweets from Kahotan from Good Smile Company today have reveal all four Snow Miku 2016 and rabbit Yukine design finalists. The final designs will be selected based on fans’ votes in the live stream “Hatsune Miku Time 8” on May 22nd at 7:00 PM JST on nicovideo.

Live Stream link:

The voting process will simply require a click on your favorite design once you see all four designs on the screen. All votes will then be tallied into percentages and presented at the end of the live stream. Please note that you will need a nicovideo account in order to access videos and live streams on the site.

In addition to Snow Miku 2016 and Yukine voting, the live stream will cover on various topics of Magical Mirai 2015, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX/Deluxe (Mikudayo will be present), and new Hatsune Miku products. For information on Snow Miku 2016 and Yukine design contest please refer to our previous article.

Snow Miku 2016 Finalists:

1: SNOW MIKU 2016 by Saine:
2: Owly Owl Snow Miku 2016 by Kotatsu Odoki:
3: Snow Miku 2016 by Yunii:
4: Snow Miku by Niboshi:

Rabbit Yukine 2016 Finalists:

1: Flying Yukine by Kotatsu Odoki:
2: 2016 Rabbit Yukine Design Idea by JING:
3: Yukine 2016 by Toraneko:
4: 2016 Yukine costume by COS:

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