Sep 102012

I’ve been pretty busy, so better late than never I guess…

In case some of you managed to miss the two official announcements (unlikely), there will be two important official panels at the New York Comic Con on October 12th and October 14th. The panels will be about Megurine Luka, and Hatsune Miku, respectively.

Megurine Luka Panel Info

Location: 1A23
Speakers: Danny Choo & Yu Asakawa

Information: “The Japan Foundation is proud to welcome YU ASAKAWA, a successful voice actress and the voice provider for the Vocaloid2 MEGURINE LUKA, to share behind-the-scenes stories about her experience in lending voice to LUKA both in Japanese and English. There will be a special video screening followed by Q&A where YU ASAKAWA will answer questions from fans. This panel will be moderated by Danny Choo.”

Hatsune Miku Panel Info

Location: 1A23
Speakers: Kanae Muraki & Tara Knight

Information: “At NYCC 2010 Crypton Future Media promised to release Hatsune Miku English software if Miku’s facebook page reached over 39,390 fans. Now, two years later, it reaches over 600 thousand fans. It is time for Miku to break onto the international scene! Join Kanae Muraki, director of global development for Crypton Future Media, and Tara Knight, the director of “Mikumentary,” an upcoming series of short documentaries focusing on the phenomenon, for a behind the scenes discussion of the virtual idol. There will be special announcements and a Q&A session.”

Based on the history of presentations at the last two NYCC conventions, there’s a good chance that something exciting will happen at this one as well. Unfortunately, you will not find me attending this convention. But those of you who are attending, be sure to enjoy yourselves and have a good time!

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