Nov 102013

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A new collaboration from Piapro has been announced alongside Good Smile Company for both a pouch design, and a charm to go with it.

Collaboration A and B are to be themed for spring time, and involve musical instruments. Collaboration A is for the pouch itself, which can  have any number or combination of the Crypton Future Media Vocaloids on the design. Collaboration B is for a charm to go with the pouch, requiring that it have the desired themes, and be a charm of either Miku, Miku and Luka, Len and Rin, or Kaito and Meiko.


This recent collaboration will last from November 7th, to November 18th. Like recent Piapro collaborations, the requirements have been very specific for participation and submission:

  • Use their template in .psd format as your starting point
  • Keep the file in .jpg format when complete, but keep the original .psd file if you are chosen as a winner
  • If using transparency, make a note of it in the description for your artwork
  • The designs must have a spring and musical-instrument theme.
  • If submitting a pouch for collaboration A, use Crypton Future Media characters only,
  • If submitting a charm for collaboration B, keep the characters limited to Miku, Miku and Luka, Len and Rin, or Kaito and Meiko
  • Recommended, but not required that the colors be in CMYK format so the image you see would be the same as the printed colors when completed.


Once the submission is ready, tag it with GSC2013A for collaboration A, or GSC2013B for collaboration B. If you do not have a keyboard to type these specific characters, copy and paste them into the tag-box before submitting your design to Piapro. The Deadline for both categories is November 18th, 2013, 17:00 JST, and will not accept late entries due to different time zones.

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