Feb 052015

Some news updates from Famitsu and SEGA’s Miku news blog revealed a few more news details regarding the upcoming Project Mirai DX for the Nintendo 3DS. The first set of images revealed the new 3DPVs for “Hello World” by Sasakure.UK”, and “Happy Synthesizer” by EasyPop, a nice improvement over the previous 2DPVs from the previous game revision.

The next announced update is the inclusion of the Snow Miku 2014 and 2015 modules as playable costumes. Her pet rabbit Yukine is also being added as a room decoration item.

Lastly, you now have the ability to arrange the game’s songs in a playlist to enjoy them in any order you like, versus manually playing every song each time. A “Side B”, or BGM playback function has also been added, so you can enjoy the music without the vocals if you wish.

Project Mirai DX is scheduled to launch for the Nintendo 3DS in North America on May 26th, Japan on May 28th, and Europe on May 29th.


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