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A lot of exciting Racing Miku news popped up today, regarding both Racing Miku 2016 (more on that later in the article), and Racing Miku 2015. The first up on the list is the announcement of open preorders for the Racing Miku 2015 1/8 scale figure from Good Smile Company!

The 2015 design of Racing Miku, the official character of the Hatsune Miku GT Project, is being made into a 1/8th scale figure! The figure’s design is based on Taiki’s illustration of Racing Miku as a ‘Princess Knight’, and has faithfully preserved all the details of the original illustration. The intricate outfit and dynamic pose all come together to create a cheerful Racing Miku that is sure to add new charm to any fan’s collection!

The expression of this particular Hatsune Miku figure is among the most charming I’ve seen, and will certainly make a great addition to the collection of Good Smile Racing and Hatsune Miku fans alike. Kahotan from Good Smile Company has released her full photo review of the figure, and is now available in English from her blog:

The figure is priced at 13,800 Yen from Good Smile Company’s online shop, with an ending preorder date of January 20th at 9:00 PM JST. Preorders are expected to ship in August 2016. Other shop options are also available:

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Lastly, the new Racing Miku 2016 design was teased earlier today by Good Smile Racing via twitter. We only have a backside view for now, and we also do not yet know the name of the illustrator. The themes for the design were “Blaze”, “Victory”, and “Phoenix”, and incorporates elements from various winning artists from the Piapro collaboration.

Racing Miku 2016 teaser illustration shared by Good Smile Racing on twitter.

Racing Miku 2016 teaser illustration shared by Good Smile Racing on twitter.

The main Good Smile Racing website went offline for maintenance less than an hour ago to be updated, likely with the new Racing Miku design and information for the 2016 Super GT race season. GSR has mentioned via twitter that the site will come back online around 8:00 PM JST on December 23rd, and a year-end party stream was announced for 7:00 PM JST on the same day. You can watch the stream on this page from the player below when it starts!

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