Oct 042012

There’s not a lot of time to write or dig around for news when you’re running solo, so there’s a lot of important things I missed. This article will recap these events. Check the full story for the full article.

Yamaha Announces VY2V3 & Vocalistener Plug-in

VY2 was the the first “male” Vocaloid produced by Yamaha as a part of their personal line of Vocaloid products. The product was even delayed a few times and had a late release of April 2011. They delay was well worth it though, because it earned a reputation as the highest quality male voice bank on the market. On October 1st, Yamaha released the first demo video showcasing the new V3 voice bank, VY2V3, singing alongside VY1V3 (Yamaha’s female voice bank to accompany VY2V3).

I have to admit, the quality astounds even me. The product is set to be released October 18th with a price of 9,800 Yen for the voice bank only, and 17,800 Yen for the starter package that also includes the V3 editor. The official product site can be found here (Japanese only, sorry). Enjoy the demo below!

On the same day, Yamaha also plans to release their new job plugin called “Vocalistener” for their Vocaloid editor. This handy tool allows the editor to automatically generate the lyrics and pitch based on vocal input from a real singer. This can serve as a real convenience over the traditional method of typing in all lyrics and adjusting the tone by hand. Manual tweaks and such can still be made after the vocal input. The plugin price is a rather high 19,800 Yen. The video below is based on much earier development of this plugin, but should still more or less represent how the plugin works.


Good Smile Company Announces Booth for NYCC

If you’re planning on attending the New York Comic Con, and you’re a fan of Nendoroids, you’re in for quite a treat. GSC will be displaying their ENTIRE Nendoroid product line-up, from #000~#261. They will also be displaying straps, trading cards, figmas, GSR products, and more. There will even be free sticker and product info handouts. The booth number is #3021. You can read the full info at the bottom of this page.

Voca Nico Night Reminder!

In case you somehow forgot, there is another Voca Nico Night event scheduled on the evening of October 7th, Japan Standard Time. Read up the details as well as find the stream link from here. If you cannot watch it live, then please make use of the timeshift feature to watch it at a more convenient time.

Mikupa in Hong Kong a Major Success,
But Not Without Some Issues

An official press release video of the Hong Kong Mikupa Event.

Needless to say, the Mikupa concert in Hong Kong was a smashing hit. There’s a lot of news (much of it highly positive) still being published about it, but it did have its share of problems. One problem in particular is one that returns to haunt them from the Mikupa in Singapore event. The staff had decided to set up the live band and equipment behind the screen. This, combined with poorly placed lighting, gave Miku’s projected image a transparent ghosting effect.

Another notable mistake is the use of Chinese(Mandarin) to greet the audience. The native language/dialect of Hong Kong is actually Cantonese. It looks like the person in charge of the Vocal arrangement for this performance made a mistake somewhere and used the wrong language (whoops!).

Now it’s only a few days until the premier of another concert in Taiwan. Let’s hope the same mistakes aren’t repeated for a second time. To all fans who will be watching in Taiwan: Have fun and enjoy the show!

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