Jun 062013

It’s finally happening!

For serious fans that have been following the news since last February, we finally have an answer from SEGA regarding the release of Project Diva F for PS3 for North America and Europe: The game will be launched this August in North America in both physical and digital formats, and digital format for Europe. Downloadable demos will be made available on June 11th for the U.S., and June 12th for Europe.

The hint of this announcement came last night from nakanohito_1go on twitter. Shortly after, the official Japanese blog published a post in English. The post explains how we made this possible, and how they hope for our support to make PjD F successful. In the Japanese section of the article, they explain that the western launch wont contain any extra features over the Japanese version, just a translated user interface and romaji lyrics.

Sony, Crypton and SEGA are both working to hype up the release. You can find additional posts on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, SEGA’s blog, SEGA’s Facebook page, and also Crypton’s official Hatsune Miku Facebook page.

For those of you who didn’t purchase and import the Japanese version, are you looking to buy the local release once it’s available?

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