Jun 232015

A quick tweet from SEGA has announced that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade has hit its 5th year anniversary earlier today (JST), and thanks fans for continuing to support the series over the years. Project Diva Arcade was a unique HD version of the original Project Diva on PSP, and launched a year later. The main features included highly upgraded visuals over the PSP counterpart, and a slightly different gameplay style that has evolved over the years.

Before the Arcade version even launched, the models were even used in the first 39’s Giving Day concert of 2010, and later on used at Mikunopolis in Los Angeles in 2011. We’ve also seen Project Diva Arcade spread to other countries over the years, including the United States. Congratulations to SEGA for the success, and we hope the Project Diva series will continue to grow in the future!

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