Feb 082012

“What do you mean ‘you don’t want me’?”

Just a quick reminder to all fans who heard the announcement of the Fluffy Coat ver. Snow Miku Nendo: Orders for the figurine will be open in approximately 4 days time, starting on Febrary 12th, 2012. This is the first version in the Snow Miku nendo series that will ship internationally (the previous 2010 and 2011 versions were Japan exclusive).

The figure includes 3 different facial expressions, a snow shovel, a microphone and stand, and an L.E.D. lit ice stage. The order price is 4,000 JPY ($51.94 USD at the time of writing), along with a 2,000 JPY shipping charge. Orders will only be open for a period of 7 days, and will ship in July 2012.

They will accept both credit card and PayPal payments.

More information can be found on the goodsmile product page.

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