May 202016


The Snow Miku live stream was carried out tonight with many fascinating news to reveal. The live stream opened with recaps, from Magical Mirai 2016 to Project DIVA series for PS4, then moving on to highlights of Nendoroid Co-de: Hatsune Miku “Sweet Pumpkin” and Snow Miku 2017 & Yukine design voting.

The colored prototype for Nendoroid Co-de: Hatsune Miku “Sweet Pumpkin” was revealed, with preorder and release date announced for May 24th and October, respectively. Below are images showing the prototype nendoroid as presented in the live stream.

The Snow Miku 2017 & Yukine finalists for this year came down to six designs each. Unlike the previous years, this year’s voting took place in live stream and web voting. The web poll will remain open until May 25th, with the final results to be announced at Magical Mirai 2016 on September 9th~11th

Snow Miku 2017 & Yukine outfit design poll

Snow Miku 2017 Finalists

1: 雪ミクさん案 by にぼし :
2: SNOW MIKU 2017☆Stargazer by ゆにぃ :
3: 雪ミク2017衣装デザイン案 by 9°C :
4: 雪ミク2017by 西名_にしな! :
5: 雪☆ミク2017 ~type StarSnow by RAHWIA :
6: 星観察のミクちゃん by newrein :

Rabbit Yukine 2017 Finalists:

1: スペースユキネ 2017年ユキネ衣装! by ほっほ :
2: Rabbit Yukine 2017 プチット・アストロノム by 虹ろ :
3: 2017年ユキネ衣装 by コス(COS):
4: 2017年ラビットユキネ衣装 by 7:24:
5: 2017年ユキネ衣装 by LF :
6: ラビット・ユキネ2017衣装デザイン案 by JING :

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