Nov 182014

Starting this December, any Hatsune Miku fans visiting the New Chitose airport in Japan for the Winter will be able to visit a sort of Snow Miku exhibition-type event called the “Snow Miku Sky Town”, which will be held in the terminal 4 domestic area.

The Snow Miku Sky Town will have 3 attractions for tourists, which consists of the following:

The museum area is planned to have a life-sized Snow Miku statue on display, along with various Snow Miku goods and artworks. Check it out and learn more about the history of Snow Miku!SNOW MIKU 360° HOKKAIDO TOUR THEATER
This special theater area offers a 360 degree viewing experience of the beautiful landscape of Hokkaido!

Find exclusive shop-only goods that can’t be found anywhere else!

The exact date of the launch is not yet announced, and neither is the ending date. So be sure to keep an eye out for updates. Visit the official Snow Miku Sky Town website here:

In the meantime, the New Chitose airport seems to be celebrating early, as the digital signs throughout the location are showing various Hatsune Miku illustrations, while also playing music. Many videos of these can be found on twitter, and below is one example from @kno2502. You can also see all illustrations listed here:

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