Jul 202016


Crypton Future Media has announced a Snow Miku collaboration in cooperation with Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry for the Chillout lounge in Dubai starting from today – “Chillout” × “SNOW MIKU” Project ~EXPERIENCE HOKKAIDO~.

The collaboration features “Snow Miku” at the entrance, screening of special programs, and a wide variety of Snow Miku-related goods to be sold at the lounge. A PDF file of 539 KB containing the collaboration information has been made available for download on the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry official website.

The Chillout lounge is an all-out ice lounge located at Times Square Center mall in Dubai with a temperature of minus six degrees Celsius inside, and five degrees Celsius in the buffer zone for temperature adjustment prior to entering the lounge.

Chillout lounge official website → http://www.chilloutindubai.com/


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