Oct 182017

We’ve seen Hatsune Miku PC case mods before, but these mods making Miku appear inside your computer case take it to a whole new level.

Using a transparent LCD panel in place of of the normal side panel, the modification makes it appear as if Miku is dancing inside the case itself. This particular creation comes from @nissyan_daze on Twitter, who used an InWin 707 case for the mod. It’s on display at “PC BUILDERS 2” in Osaka, a fan-created event/gathering.

Check out extra images and video below!

The first versions of this mod were originally made back in July 2017, and appeared at OlioSpec in Tokyo. Below is a video of the earlier revision.

Via twitter and akiba-pc

Nov 072016

Hatsune Miku fans keep working to find better ways to enjoy projected, or “hologram” style, Hatsune Miku entertainment, whether it be in concerts, or in your own home. A tweet from @aomesan147, a representative of Polid Screen Technology, shows off projections of Hatsune Miku on their screen technology, which allows Miku to be seen from the front and back!

The setup requires the use of multiple projectors, and a couple sheets of polyethylene, and you can read the (Japanese) guide on how to set it up. Double-sided projections are very new, and @aomesan147 says it’s the first time it has been done with Miku.

We can see this technology being useful in entertainment venues where the performance stage is in the center, or for personal home use.

Via Crunchyroll and @aomesan147