Apr 182018

Clean Tears is one of the longest standing Vocaloid producers in the community, having created music with Hatsune Miku now for over 10 years. And despite producing music in niche genres such as Vocaloid EDM, he’s grown a worldwide following of fans and similarly aspiring artists. We’ve been following CT’s works since nearly the beginning, so we were very excited when CT accepted our request for a community contributed interview!

We gathered questions from MikuFan followers on our social media for the interview, so thank you to everyone who submitted their questions! And special thanks to @xNEOxGENESISx and @gigimiumusic for providing their translation assistance. Read the full interview below!
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Oct 212017

We recently gathered questions from the Vocaloid community to share with Rella, a well-known and highly popular Hatsune Miku illustrator in the Vocaloid community. Rella moved to Japan recently, which caused a delay, but she finally had the chance to answer our interview request. You asked the questions, here’s what Rella had to say!

MF: MikuFan
Rella: Rella

MF: “Hello, Rella, and thank you for joining us for an interview! There are many followers from overseas that are excited to connect with you and learn more about you and your work. We gathered some questions from fans around the world, we hope you look forward to it!” Continue reading »

Sep 152017

MikuFan will be interviewing the artist Rella soon, and we’d like our fellow Hatsune Miku fans to participate! If you have any questions that you’d like Rella to answer, you can submit your questions in the comments on this article, or comment on the respective posts on any of our social media linked on our site’s widget (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc!).

Question submissions will remain open until September 22nd at 11:59 PM PST! Please make sure to “like” or upvote the questions you like the most, this will help us decide which questions the fans would like answered!

Rella has a long standing as arguably the most popular Hatsune Miku illustrator of all time on Pixiv, with 10 out of the top 20 Hatsune Miku artworks belonging to Rella. Her works are truly beautiful and awe-inspiring! Check out some of the work samples below, or on her Pixiv gallery here → https://pixiv.net/u/163536

Aug 082014

Tripshots is a long standing contributing artist to Vocaloid in both music and outstanding CGI animation work. His animations in particular continued to set new benchmarks for years to follow, and have been widely publicized across the web as representations of what the Vocaloid community creates. For many fans today, works like Nebula or Gift nor Art can be recognized as the video that attracted them to the Vocaloid culture.

An interesting trait of Tripshots’ personality is his openness towards overseas fans of his work, something that we would like to see from many more Vocaloid producers in the future. After Tripshots kindly agreed to our interview request, we proceeded to gather questions from Vocaloid fans from around the world. So we’d like to thank everyone for their contributions! Special thanks to Descent87 for providing translations for the interview.

Tripshots Official Site: http://www.tripshots.net/
Tripshots Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/tripshots
Tripshots Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Tripshots

MikuFan: Good evening, and thank you for accepting! I’ve been a follower of your work for many years. We have also gathered many questions from fans overseas.

Tripshots: I’m truly grateful to have so many fans who are interested in me and my work.

MikuFan: The first question is one that almost everyone would like to know the answer to: How did you discover Vocaloid, and what inspired you to become involved?

Tripshots: The first time I heard about Vocaloid was through a news article. I noticed a name I had never seen before, “Hatsune Miku”. As a Japanese person, seeing a name I had never seen before perked my interested and I read the article. The article basically spoke about how Hatsune Miku was the face of a new vocal synthesizer software that had gained considerable popularity on video sharing sites.

MikuFan: Ahh, I see. (This had happened within a mere couple month of Miku’s software release, her popularity had unexpectedly exploded in Japan)

Tripshots: I had already had some interest in this kind of technology and was already aware of Meiko’s release. However having listened to her demo songs, I felt that she still sounded too mechanical. However when I listened to Hatsune Miku’s demo work, I was truly surprised and excited by the amount of expressiveness in her voice and found myself wanting to try and work with her.

MikuFan: Hatsune Miku’s voice was truly captivating for many people.

Tripshots: I was especially impressed when I heard OSTER Project’s work.

MikuFan: Ah, OSTER Project! She is a very early Vocaloid producer.

Tripshots: Saying that, I basically mean to say that she was the culprit (joking) who helped drag me into the world of Vocaloid. Continue reading »

Jul 132014

During our visit to Anime Expo 2014, the MikuFan staff had the fortunate opportunity to interview one of Crypton Future Media’s on-site staff, Kanae Muraki, and cover various topics and questions that have been heard throughout the Western community.

Kanae Muraki is the director of Crypton Future Media’s global development team for marking and promotions in Western countries. She has also represented Crypton at a number of information panels at overseas conventions and events.

We hope you will find the interview below insightful and informative. It’s quite long, so be sure to read the full story by clicking “more” below.

Legend: MF = MikuFan, CFM = Kanae

MF: Thank you very much again for taking your time for this interview.

CFM: Oh, thank you, too!

MF: To start off, I had a couple questions of my own. The first being the collaboration with Hatsune Miku as the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ArtPop Ball music tour. The announcement caught many fans by surprise. Can you comment on what it was like working with Gaga for these events?

CFM: The offer from Lady Gaga to have Hatsune Miku as the opening act came very suddenly, just 7 weeks before the first show was scheduled to start. We were already in the process of planning out the next Miku Expo at the time. We did not have much preparation time to decide what the performance would be like, and we could not have a live band during the opening act since the stage would need to be cleared quickly. We had to create everything for each set from scratch, from the video to the music selection. But we knew it would be really boring having just a video, so we had the idea to have other on-stage live dancers.

Hatsune Miku’s opening act on June 2nd at Lady Gaga’s artRAVE in San Diego

CFM: Even though Miku was announced as an opening guest, we knew the majority of the audience would be Gaga fans, so we decided to try something new. We wanted to do something special for the music set list, and the first song I found was “Glass Wall“. It was a really good song, and the English was well done. The song gave me a feeling similar to the first Hatsune Miku songs from 2007, when she first started getting popular. So we first shared that song on the Hatsune Miku Facebook, and it got great feedback from fans. Then we contacted the producer to ask permission, and he was very excited. Another great song we chose was Story Rider by Eleki. It felt more like a Western style song, and Lady Gaga’s fans ended up loving it.

MF: I had noticed that the crowd seemed confused and unsure about Miku’s appearance at first, but they started warming up more as the opening act progressed. I’m glad to see that things went pretty well overall. Continue reading »