Nov 192020

After acheiving all four original funding goals in their kickstarter campaign within just a few days, Crypton Future Media has added two new stretch goals to the Miku Expo 2021 Online kickstarter!

With 51 days left to go in the campaign, here’s the two new stratch goals that have been announced:

45,000,000 JPY – Costume Design Contest
A design contest will be held for a brand new costume for Hatsune Miku to wear in the live show.

50,000,000 JPY – Setlist Extension 3
The live show setlist will be extended to 16 songs.

To accompany the two new campaign stretch goals, two new menu options have also been added:

25,000 JPY – Digital Contents Pack

  • Endroll Credits
  • VIP Newsletter Subscription
  • Theme Song Early Access
  • Live Arrangement Music Download
  • HD Live Show Footage

33,900 JPY – Video Pack Lite

  • Endroll Credits
  • VIP Newsletter Subscription
  • Theme Song Early Access
  • SONOCA Music Download Card Set
  • Live Arrangement Music Download
  • Exclusive Clear File Set
  • Exclusive Piapro Characters Button Badge Set
  • Exclusive Supporter Logo Enamel Pins
  • Exclusive Acrylic Stand
  • Exclusive Muffler Towel
  • Backer Exclusive Tee
  • HD Live Show Footage

Don’t miss out on this last chance to back the first ever online Miku Expo experience!

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Aug 192017

If you remember or were a contributor of the kickstarter campaign for the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary advertisement project, you’ll be happy to hear the advertisements are now live at the Samseong station of Gang-Nam, Seoul, Korea!

Image tweets and even videos are now available, showing off the final product of everyone’s contribution. Some screens are dedicated to various Hatsune Miku illustrations, while others show an adorable ApiMiku MMD animation. There’s also a screen scrolling the names of the campaign’s contributors. Check out the images from the tweet above, and the videos below!

EDIT: The campaign organizers have notified us that the videos displayed are not final, and 3 new video adverts will be on display next week!

Jun 082017

The world’s renowned virtual idol Hatsune Miku will soon reach her 10th anniversary this year, and fans around the globe are most excited for the grand anniversary. A particular group of Hatsune Miku fans in Korea by the name “Mikuwallets” recently spiced up Hatsune Miku 10th anniversary celebration plan to the next level by launching a project to put up advertisements at subway station in Korea. Check out the group’s past achievement on Miku’s Day last year!

The project first started off on a Korean crowdfunding platform named “Tumblbug” on May 16th with the goal set at 3,900 USD, and has now received funds exceeding the goal at a striking 38.2 million won (roughly 34,000 USD). Shortly after, the project extended the reach to Kickstarter on June 6th in hope of gaining support from international fans.

The core of the project consists of publishing video and images at 4 points at a passageway nearby exit gate 5 and 6 to the famous Korean landmark shopping mall “COEX”. The goal was set at 800 USD, with the current funds from backers at 1,100 USD. Contacts to Crypton Future Media and the Korean advertisement agency regarding the rewards and advertisements have already been established.

The Kickstarter campaign offers rewards for different tiers of support illustrated by the popular illustrators Lpip and BTRP (former project main illustrator), while you can also pledge without a reward by choice. Please note that the main illustration is not final, and will also contain additional background image. The rewards will begin shipping in September 2017 (shipping cost may vary).

The rewards for each tiers are as follows.

20 USD or more

  • A3 size poster
  • Illustration card (e-Amusement pass compatible)

50 USD or more

55 USD or more

90 USD or more

The project will be on Kickstarter until July 6th at 10:25 PM (+07:00), and will be implemented at Samseong station in Seoul, Korea on August 20th~September 20th. Additional advertisements and souvenirs for backers with the remaining budget are currently in planning. Further progress on the project can be followed at @39ADprojectEN on Twitter.

How will you be celebrating Hatsune Miku 10th anniversary? Let us know in the comments!

> Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary advertisement project by Mikuwallets (Kickstarter)
> Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary advertisement project by Mikuwallets (Tumblbug)