Oct 182017

We’ve seen Hatsune Miku PC case mods before, but these mods making Miku appear inside your computer case take it to a whole new level.

Using a transparent LCD panel in place of of the normal side panel, the modification makes it appear as if Miku is dancing inside the case itself. This particular creation comes from @nissyan_daze on Twitter, who used an InWin 707 case for the mod. It’s on display at “PC BUILDERS 2” in Osaka, a fan-created event/gathering.

Check out extra images and video below!

The first versions of this mod were originally made back in July 2017, and appeared at OlioSpec in Tokyo. Below is a video of the earlier revision.

Via twitter and akiba-pc

Nov 132015


Now here’s something that tickles my tech geek side… A pretty cool looking Hatsune Miku case mod of the newly announced Thermaltake Core P5 computer case was spotted at the Tsukumo PC head office in Akihabara of Tokyo, Japan. The modification was done by the mod artist “Monma Fabio“, and is a one of a kind system that is not planned for sale. It will be on display in the store for around 2 weeks.

Many aspects of the internals, such as the fans, shrouds and liquid cooling (even the liquid itself!) has been colored to hues of teal and hot pink to match Hatsune Miku’s color theme. The acrylic itself has been etched with iXima’s illustration of Hatsune Miku V3. Check out more photos below!

The system is equipped with the Core i7 6700K processor, Intel Z170A Gaming Pro motherboard, and a modest MSi GTX 960 graphics card. For those interested in trying their own mod, the Thermaltake Core P5 case is now available in many regions.

Via Akiba-PC