Sep 092015

Some Hatsune Miku fans are quite keen and dedicated to the concept of trying to bring Hatsune Miku to life in the real world. We’ve see life-sized Hatsune Miku robots built before, as well as projects like MikuMikuFace.

6 years after revealing his last life-sized Hatsune Miku robot to the world, the robotics and Hatsune Miku enthusiast “Missile 39” has revealed his second completed robot, simply dubbed the “Life-Sized Hatsune Miku #2”. An hour long video shows his creation process for the robot, and finally ends with a performance for the song “Star Duster“.

While the appearance and movements are not incredibly realistic, the movements it is capable of, and even changing eye expressions, are pretty impressive. Even the headphones, microphone and hair ornaments light up! This all once again brings up the pondering question: Will science ever truly be able to create a real-life Hatsune Miku?

Watch the full creation video below from Missile’s official YouTube channel, or skip and watch just the “Star Duster” performance by skipping to 58:45 in the video. You can also watch the performance-only video here.