Mar 212016

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It’s just one more day until Hatsune Miku Project Diva X launches in Japan (March 24th, JST), so it’s now or never to choose if you want to preorder to receive the extra bonuses! On top of the Aime game card featuring artwork by KEI, preorders will also include a DLC code for the AIR DO collaboration module “CA Style A”, which gives Miku a flight stewardess outfit (which is gorgeous!). The code is good for 39 days after the game release. A version with twintails called “CA Style 39” will be a famitsu-exclusive benefit via a DLC code included in the April 7th edition magazine (releasing March 24th). The code is also included with the digital magazine!


Preorder bonus AIR DO collaboration module

A Snow Miku 2016 module will also be available be available as DLC on day 1 (as much as we hate to say it) for 300 Yen. She’s not the only one, however, as Mikudayo is also being tossed in as a module for good measure, at a cost of 500 Yen. You can also get Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Sakine Meiko and Kasane Teto with 3 different modules for each in a sizeable character DLC pack for just 600 Yen.


Mikudayo Module


Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Sakine Meiko, and Kasane Teto Modules

If you were hoping for a demo version of the game to be available, you’re in luck! It will be available the same day as the game’s launch on March 24th. Use it to get in some practice, since the game is arriving soon! You have one more day to preorder Project Diva X on CDJapan to get an additional microfiber cloth with art by LamazeP as a free extra. Check out SEGA’s official game introduction videos below!

Jan 142016

The winter just got a little more exciting with the Snow Miku news announcements today. The first of which is the announcement of Snow Mikudayo and Neru as guest DJs for the Beat Blizzard Live DJ event at the Snow Miku Festival. This will mark the second time that Mikudayo appears as a live DJ. She will appear at the 12:30 PM DJ live on February 6th, while Neru will appear at the 5:30 PM showing on the 6th, and 12:30 PM showing on the 7th.


Next up, the popular “Butsuka Runner feat. Hatsune Miku” mobile game by Crypton Future Media will be seeing a Snow Miku 2016 edition re-release on the iTunes and Android app stores on January 20th, JST.


Butsuka Runner is a “runner” type mobile game where the goal is to travel as far as you can without getting hit, and obtain as many points as possible. The app is free, although it’s unknown if it will be available internationally this time around. Be sure to check back for release updates!


Remember the previous Snow Miku x Daihatsu collaboration with the Mirai Cocoa? Snow Miku isn’t done yet! This year’s collaboration is with the Daihatsu Cast Activa. The initial release will start in the Hokkaido district beginning February 1st. More info and images should become available by that time.


A lot of tasty sweet treats with Snow Miku themes will become available at the MIRAI.ST Cafe in Sapporo beginning February 1st and until February 15th. These food items include Snow Miku Milk, dessert plate, parfait, soup plate and more! Visitors will also receive a free commemorative Snow Miku 2016 pin to remember their visit.


A third round of goods has been announced for the Snow Miku festival! The newly announced item,s include a Snow Miku 2016 themed jersey, a neck warmer, projector pen, blanket, coloring set, B2 size tapestry, Snow Miku 2016 card case sets, snowboard keychain, and a sticker sheet. Check all the listed goods here:

Jan 082016


The Snow Miku 2016 website received a large and exciting news update today covering many topics, so we’ll try to summarize them below. The Snow Miku Festival is a joint collaboration with the yearly Sapporo Snow Festival, and will be open from February 5th until February 11th JST.

Possibly the largest of the announcements is the reveal of an official collaboration with Love Live! School Idol Project, a highly popular Japanese multimedia project that has went on to produce various albums, video games, music videos and even an anime series.

Similar to last year’s collaboration with Madoka Magica, there will be Love Live! snow sculptures carved alongside the Snow Miku sculptures. Additional collaboration details will be announced later, but we can likely expect various goods to be produced with this theme. The above illustration with Snow Miku 2016 posed with the μ’s was created to commemorate the special collaboration.

After being teased a few times in promotional videos, the full Snow Miku 2016 theme song, along with a cute music video, is now available on the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel!

The theme song is titled “Before The Snow Melts”, and features music composed by Doriko, with the artwork and video created by Haruyo and Maku, respectively.

Artist comments will be posted here in English soon.


At least 30 different types of official Snow Miku goods have been announced for Snow Miku 2016, far too many to picture here in the article! So please check the full product list on the official goods page. Here is a text list of all items in listed order:

– Snow Miku Plush Snow Owl Ver. / 3700 Yen
– Snow Miku Keychain / 1800 Yen
– Hatsune Miku Pinched Strap Snow Owl Ver. / 600 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Full Graphic Trainer / 10800 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Mobile Pouch / 1700 Yen
– Beat Blizzard Snow Miku Full Graphic T-Shirt / 6400 Yen
– Beat Blizzard Snow Miku Flat Visor / 4500 Yen
– Beat Blizzard Snow Miku Reversible Messenger Bag / 6900 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Rabbit Yukine Plush / 3000 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Rabbit Yukine Plush Strap / 1500 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Clear File Set / 2000 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Acrylic Keychain (Set of Six) / 3000 Yen
– Event limited Snow Miku 2016 Mat Sleeve Set / 1500 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Smartphone Gloves / 1300 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Rubber Mat / 2500 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Aime Card / 500 Yen
– Snow miku 2016 Jumbo Cushion / Prize Item
– Snow Miku 2016 Crunch (Milk & Strawberry) / 1000 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Cheese Bar / 800 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Lottery Card / 150 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Badges/Pins / 300 Yen
– Karent Album “Kirayuki Reflection” / 1500 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Mini Flag / 800 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Random Charm / 600 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Shopping Bag / 1000 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Jumbo Rubber Strap / 650 Yen
– Snow Miku Clear File (Snow Festival Ver.) / 350 Yen
– Snow Miku 2016 Sticker / 300 Yen
– Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Owl Ver. / 5500 Yen
– Figma Snow Miku Snow Owl Ver. / 6000 Yen

The Thriller Karaoke in Sapporo and their partner stores are also teaming up with the Snow Miku festival by opening up a Snow Miku room, where you can order various foods with Snow Miku inspired flavors, as well as some additional Karaoke-only goods. The menu items and goods will be available at all store venues from January 18th until February 29th JST. The Thriller Kraoke central store will remain in operation until March 31st.

Oct 292015

The official Snow Miku 2016 website has updated, revealing the new official site artwork, featuring the artwork by Mame no Moto (based on design art by otogi kotatu)! The illustration beautifully captures the excitement of Winter sports, the theme of next year’s Snow Miku festival, which is a customary part of Hokkaido’s yearly Snow Festival celebrations.

Official Snow Miku 2016 Illustration by Mame no Moto

Official Snow Miku 2016 Illustration by Mame no Moto

The update also brings new information about the locations for the Snow Miku exhibitions, as well as their available activities. Below is a map and event details.


【A】Sapporo Snow Festival – Odori Site Nishi 11 Chome
Period : February 5th (Fri.) – 11th (Thu./national holiday), 2016
Place : Odori Site Nishi 11 Chome, Sapporo Snow Festival
Address : Odori Nishi 11-Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
– SNOW MIKU Snow Sculpture
– Goods stalls
– etc

【B】Sapporo Factory
Period : February 6th (Sat.) and 7th (Sun.), 2016
Place : Sapporo Factory
Address : Kita 2-Jo Higashi 4-Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
– Exhibitions, on-stage events, workshops
– Goods stalls,
– Companies’ exhibition booths
– etc.

【C】Sound Lab mole
Period : February 6th (Sat.) and 7th (Sun.), 2016
Place : Sound Lab mole
Address : ikoh Bldg B1, Nishi 2-chome, Minami 3-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
– DJ live
*There will not be any virtual singer performances at the DJ live

【D】Sapporo Streetcar
Period : November 22th (Sun.), 2015 – March 27th (Sun.), 2016
時間 : NOW MIKU streetcar generally runs between 7am and 6pm.
– SNOW MIKU Streetcar

Additional event info and accommodation packages should be announced on a nearby date.

The 2016 Sapporo Snow festival will run from February 5th to February 11th. It has been decided that staff of MikuFan will be visiting the Snow Miku 2016 festival, and we look forward to seeing the many exciting events it has to offer!