Nov 232012

This event was certainly… Different. It’s nothing like what any of us have experienced in past concerts, and the fact they live streamed it for free was amazing as well.

The concert featured around 300 people that were either playing instruments or singing. In fact, most of the singing was done by actual people rather than Miku herself. Miku had a much lesser role in this event than she did in previous concerts, and she seemed to take a spot as more of a cast member rather than as the star of the show.

Due to the balance of how an orchestrated concert works, it’s understandable that Miku couldn’t have as much of a major role as she would with a traditional Vocaloid concert. But with as much hype as this event had, I think some of us were expecting a little more. It almost even seemed like Miku was only included as an add-on or gimmick to lure more viewers. But there’s actually a very different possible reason (explained below).

Miku herself made an appearance as a Tda MikuMikuDance model and sang certain segments of vocals of the concert. The vocals themselves may seem a bit off to people, but there is actually a VERY good reason for this: This is the first concert where Miku’s vocals were composed in real-time on a YAMAHA keyboard. It’s not prerecorded or “flawless” like the vocals would be with a traditional Vocaloid concert. This is also likely why Miku had a much smaller role.

Isao was the founder of electronic music using an electronic keyboard (synthesizer). So it seems that this event was a demonstration or display of a technology similar to what was demonstrated many months ago, all to honor Isao’s iconic art style that helped reshape the future of music.

All in all, I really enjoyed the performance, and you should give it a watch when you have an hour or so to spare. You can watch the official recording of the concert below. The event starts at around 29 minutes into the video.

EDIT: I’m sorry, but the Dommune channel has set the concert video to private. You can read a brief image story on Tokiko’s blog: [Link]

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