May 172013


After the previous Winter and even Spring Family Mart promotional campaigns featuring Snow Miku and Sakura Miku, it seems that the fans just can’t get enough. With the demand for promotional goods still high, Family Mart will be launching another promotional campaign this summer, starting at a currently unspecified date.

The recent livestream event on nicovideo detailed many of the prizes that can be expected in the lottery of the upcoming promotion. Like the last time, each store will carry 100 tickets and 100 prizes. Tickets will cost 800 yen each. The majority of prizes will be the smaller rewards, such as the Graphigs and clear files. The much rarer prizes include the 2013 Family Mart version Nendoroids of Rin, Len and Miku.

The rarest prize of all is a Family Mart Swimsuit Miku Nendoroid, which will be rewarded to whoever buys the last (100th) ticket from each Family Mart store. So not only will this figure be rarer, but fans will have to camp near stores to be able to snatch it.

Better images and more detailed info will follow soon.

Images borrowed from 初音ミクみく.


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