Jul 082012

After being gone for 10 days to visit anime expo and catch up on projects, this site a bit behind in the latest news. So I’ll quickly cover all the recent events and announcements.

Crypton Staff Confirms All Crypton Vocaloids Being Updated to Vocaloid3

There’s already been news for quite some time for several of Crypton’s Vocaloid characters. Kaito’s append V3 development, Megurine Luka V3, Hatsune Miku V3, etc. But a tweet from Crypton officials states that the entire Crypton Vocaloid lineup will be updated to the V3 generation. This even includes Meiko and the Kagamine twins. A question from a user in the tweet also asked if the twins would be getting English voice banks, but it is unclear if this question was also answered in the response. Here’s a link to the original tweet: [Link].

At Least Three Voice Styles Confirmed for V3 Miku

The development for V3 Miku seems to be near its end, and details are starting to leak out from Crypton staff. One tweet reads: “初音ミクのオリジナルに加えて、Dark&Soft等のV3調整を新しく入ったエンジニアと共に進めてます。“. According to the tweet, the V3 release of Miku’s software will have her “classic” voice style, as well as Dark and Soft from her append set. It is unknown if this means if any other voice styles will be dropped from the V3 update, or if they’re just not yet announced. It is also unclear if these will be sold together, or separately like GUMI’s V3 package. As for the release date, there’s still unclear info and speculation. Many people in the community are guessing that Crypton may plan the release for sometime around her 5th anniversary. Link to tweet: [Link]

Leaked Image of Project Diva F Cover Reveals Additional Game Details

Click image for full size.

The snapshot above of the game’s backside cover reveals and confirms some interesting game features. They are listed as follows:

– A two player Ad-Hoc gameplay mode (first ever two player mode for a PjD game).
– Touch communication/interaction with the ingame idols.
– The ability to not only create, but also share your own custom PVs with friends.
– Enjoy “live” life sized virtual performances through the game’s AR functions.

To recap on previous news, the game is set to launch on August 30th, just a day before Hatsune Miku’s 5th anniversary. Thank you to Vocaloid Otaku for the catch up on recent events.

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