Jun 282012

In what makes the next logical step for for the MikuPa live concerts, the third overseas performance has been announced! In celebration of Miku’s 5th anniversary, there will be 2 performances at each location. One for the daytime, and one for the evening. Hong Kong’s concerts will premier on October 2nd at 15:00 and 20:00, and the Taiwan concerts will premier on October 6th at 14:00 and 19:00 (all times are local).

The ticket pricing varies by seating, and each concert divides the seating into three sections. The closer you are, the more it costs. The listed ticket prices are as follows.

Hong Kong:

Section A (standing): 640 HKD ($87.64 USD)
Section A (standing): 480 HKD ($61.87 USD)
Section A (Balcony): 280 HKD ($36.09 USD)


Section A (standing): 2900 TWD ($96.85 USD)
Section A (standing): 2200 TWD ($73.47 USD)
Section A (Balcony): 1500 TWD ($50.11 USD)

There is no word on any sort of live streaming for either of the concerts, likely due to the concern of piracy. There’s no doubt this will generate a lot of excitement and demand from fans around the world for performances in their own country, but I’ve been noticing a pattern. Every concert performance so far seems to be happening in terms of regional popularity. The United States came first since it has the second largest concentration of Vocaloid fans outside of Japan. Singapore came second. And now Taiwan/China is third. You can pretty much guess where things will be going from here, so keep an eye out for future announcements!

Information gathered via Hatsune Miku’s Facebook page.

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