Sep 152012

In between delays of anything news-worthy, I’ll be starting a new weekly post called “Vocaloid Producer of the Week”. The purpose of these articles will be to point out official YouTube channels of popular Vocaloid producers that are going virtually unnoticed. With more and more official producers making their own channels, it’s my goal to point the fans in the right direction. I hope that you’ll also join me in this effort!

The first producer for this week is 8#Prince, also known as HachioujiP. He’s a highly popular and well known producer in the community for songs such as Baby Maniacs, Electric Love, Distorted Princess, CRAZY GiRL, and many more. He’s also had many successful album releases and collaborations. His most recent notable work is his collaboration with kz(livetune) on the song Weekender Girl, created for the game Project Diva f.

Official Channel Link

Official Facebook Link


The channel is relatively new and was only discovered recently after his first official upload of the Fake Doll PV, which is a song also included with the Weekender Girl album. Nevertheless, it’s great to see such a well known producer finally make the jump to YouTube. Hopefully he’ll have a lot more to offer in the future. If you love his work, please share this article to spread the news. Let’s show our support!

Official Fake Doll PV From 8#Prince’s channel.

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