May 192015


After what has seemed like an eternity in Internet years, we have finally updated the site to a more modern theme, along with an all new header artwork by the illustrator Gumo on Pixiv. We’re very thankful for his contribution!

The update brings some speed and compatibility improvements, as well as an improved mobile user experience (we’re still working on making the header image resize properly, sorry!). Also added is a new “Submit News Suggestion” page from the navigation bar. All of this should make for an easier and richer media experience for both our writers and visitors. was first launched on March 4th, 2008, and featured the same artwork and theme up until now. Thanks again for supporting MikuFan for all these years!

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A Hatsune Miku fan since December 2007, jrharbort joined MikuFan as the Head Writer in October 2011. Follow on Twitter at @jrharbort.