Jul 232019

What does the number 12 mean? The total of 3 plus 9? The number of months contained in a year? Every Miku fan has an answer for themselves. We’ve already celebrated Hatsune Miku’s birthday 11 times, and her 12th will be no exception.

She’s the spotlight that lit up our life in the past, and now we gotta light her up for sure. Arranged by ColorfulMiku Yuiwo, we’ve gathered 39 illustrators in China who love #初音ミク. In the next 39 days, we’ll show you the infinite possibilities of the future! We hope that you, as a Miku fan, can receive the total of every creator’s love. So let’s start to countdown, and paint the genesis of Hatsune Miku together!

Today’s 1st illustration of the 39 day countdown comes from Gu Hai Nìshui!

I feel very lucky to take part in this Anniversary Countdown. I’m very happy about it. Thank you for this opportunity~ Today is a special day just in time. I’ve drawn Miku in そらのサカナ, and a Red Pen in her hand, I’ll be very happy if you can recognize it! Goodnight to powaP. There’s a few days left to Miku’s birthday, and I hope that her smooth and healing voice can reach to the bottom of your heart.

Gu Hai Nìshui’s Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/2122651304
Artwork Link: https://www.weibo.com/2122651304/HEPoebOZU

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