Oct 082014

The Hatsune Miku Design Contest 2 by We Love Fine has reached its conclusion, and we’re happy to finally announce the winners of the contest! There were 8 winners overall out of over 400 entries, with one Grand Prize winner of a trip for two to Miku Expo in New York, and seven cash prize winners.

The shirts are now available for order directly from We Love Fine’s site, and can ship to a number of countries worldwide. Alternatively, you can click on the banners below to jump straight to the page for each design.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (Trip to Hatsune Miku Expo in New York)
“Kagamine Twins Power” by Maariyah

“I’m Maariyah, a 16-year-old high school student studying visual arts! I live in New Jersey, and my dream is to go into animation and hopefully get a kids cartoon on the air when I’m older. I pull inspiration from mainly anime, but also my favorite video games and music artists. In my free time I like to draw fan art of my favorite series and make little comics, so if you’d like to see my other artwork you can check out my (kind of messy) tumblr blog!”

Want to see more of Marriyah’s art? Follow her on Tumblr!

“Star’s Swingset” by Daiko Hachiya

“I’m an illustrator and graphic designer based in Mobile, Alabama.”

“Pixilation” by beastace

“Currently a student at Pratt Institute studying 3D animation.”

Check out beastace’s website for more art!

HOT TOPIC’S PICK ($300 Cash)
“Your World” by Melinda “Chim”-Ngoy

“Better known online as “Chim”, Melinda enjoys spending her time drawing silly faces, cosplaying, playing video games, watching cartoons/anime, and making bad puns. She sold her soul to have Miku return to Los Angeles.”

Want to check out more of Melinda “Chim”-Ngoy’s art? Follow her on Tumblr!

“Silhouette” by Chewchi Chou

“I’m Chewchi, a 19-year-old who lives in Taiwan that loves to draw. I major in Communications design (3D animation).”

Want to see more of Chewchi’s art? Check out Tumblr, Instagram, and Website!

RUNNER UP ($50 Cash)
“Bad_Sector” by Krit Parnsanay

“Hi! I’m Krit Parnsanay from Thailand. I’m a 2D and 3D artist. I love digital painting and drawing especially Manga style, and I really like Hatsune Miku!!”

Want to see more of Krit’s art? Check out deviantArt, Pixiv, and Steam!

RUNNER UP ($50 Cash)
“Listen to My Heart” by Ho Jeong Kim

“Hi. I’m Ho Jeong Kim and I’m just a humble drawer.”

Want to see more of Ho Jeong Kim’s art? Check out deviantArt!

RUNNER UP ($50 Cash)
“Chibiloid” by lulu

“A very lazy artist, currently majoring in fashion and pattern making, she is planning on opening her own shop as soon as she graduates.She spends her free time drawing, or creating music. She’s been a VOCALOID fan since 2007. Her favorite producers are P.·.Rhythmatiq, Giga and HSP.

Want to see more of lulu’s art? Follow her on Tumblr!

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