Aug 172008

Now this is quite unusual. We all know that popular Japanese videos are often being imported and reuploaded to YouTube and then also become popular in the west. Now the opposite has happened.


On August 3, YouTube user velveetaah uploaded a video of his 10-year-old daughter Maxine performing as Hatsune Miku. The video did not receive many views and pretty much slipped through YouTube unnoticed. However two days ago a Japanese user re-uploaded the video to NicoNicoDouga, Japan’s biggest video sharing website. In just a little more than 30 hours the video has already generated over 30.000 views and is getting close to 5000 comments. The video is already appearing on the top 25 videos for today and yesterday and will probably also make it’s way to the weekly ranking if it keeps receiving views and comments at this rate. Since the original video was also linked within the NicoNicoDouga repost the YouTube video also started to receive a lot of views and positive comments from Japanese users.

Congratulations Maxine!

Update: Views are now up to 70.000 and comments have bypassed the 11.000 mark.

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