Oct 122012


We all love Vocaloid music. And while I love listening to it, I believe very strongly in supporting Vocaloid producers by purchasing their music when possible. But this may not be an option for some people for whatever reason. Thankfully, a new promotion from Amazon allows you to get $2 in music for free, while still benefiting the producers who created the music. This isn’t a gimmick!

To start off, all you need is a registered Amazon account and a Facebook account. After you’ve done that, just visit the following link and answer the blank space with any answer (I personally said “More Miku”):


Be sure to untick the box before submitting so your email isn’t spammed. Accept the Amazon app permissions, and voila! You just earned $2 in free Amazon MP3 store credit. You can use this to buy any of the music available, including Vocaloid music.

You can head over to Karent.jp to browse their album and song selection before you make your purchase (the option to switch to English is at the bottom of the page). Many of the albums listed are only 2 songs each, so this promotion is perfect for grabbing those hard-to-find tracks. I used it to buy Sunrise by Clean Tears.

The best part about this? Even though you’re getting the music for free, Amazon is still compensating the producers for the purchase. This means you get free music, and the producers still get paid. It’s a win-win! This promotion ends October 24th, and is available to U.S. residents only (sorry!).

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