Dec 112014

While spotting Hatsune Miku cosplayers at conventions, event gatherings and photo shoots is quite normal, it is definitely out of the norm to spot a cosplayer driving a typical city bus. A recent tweet from Netema on twitter shows a fully-clad cosplayer driving a bus around the city of Toyako, Hokkaido. This is someone who definitely knows how to enjoy their job.

What’s more, the dashboard was also decorated with various plushies of Hatsune Miku, Snow Miku, as well as Kagamine Rin and Len, which would have been a sight to see from passerbys. It is unknown if this is a regular activity, but perhaps other visitors may also spot this mysterious cosplaying bus driver.

EDIT: Netema has informed us that this is a photo from a cosplay event a year ago, but he shared the photo only recently. The cosplayer is a friend of the owner of the bus, which is privately owned. Even still, this must have been an amusing sight to see.

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