Dec 122014

Two exciting artwork reveals came today for Hatsune Miku fans, with one coming far sooner than expected (details in a bit). The first of the two is the promotional artwork reveal for Snow Miku Live! 2015, the concert event scheduled to take place in Sapporo this February during the yearly Snow Miku festival.

The illustration was drawn by iXima, who is well known for being the official illustrator for Hatsune Miku V3. You can see many of Hatsune Miku’s V3 designs blended with what appears to be the classic Snow Miku 2010 look, with an added ahoge (hair spike) for extra cuteness.

Below is the official announcement tweet, and you can view the full illustration from the official Snow Miku site here.

The last reveal comes from Good Smile Racing, who gave us a teaser of the new Racing Miku 2015 design, an entire 2 months earlier than usual compared to previous years. The announcement first came from GSR’s press announcement earlier today, although a high quality image was later tweeted on GSR’s twitter (pictured below).

Only the backside of the design is visible for now, but a full reveal is promised to come sometime soon. The artist of the illustration is currently unrevealed, and has a lot of people guessing. Any ideas?

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