May 012012

Are you a Vocaloid fan who owns at least one Vocaloid nendoroid, and do you enjoy taking pictures of them? Or do you perhaps own any dolls, plushies, or scaled figurines? And even more, would you like your images featured on a Japanese blog? If so, great!

Tokiko, the owner of Tokiko’s Diary Sapporo (one of our partner sites), is a blog writer that blogs about her daily activities using her Nendoroid as the starring host. It’s really fun to watch and read.

Tokiko is looking for submissions from people around the world to be featured on her blog. Tokiko lives in the heart of Sapporo, the hometown and birthplace of Hatsune Miku! She would love to see what kind of figurines people around the world have, where the fans are from, and what you think about Hatsune Miku! Her blog is somewhat small, but it’ll be a fun chance for your images and messages to be seen by a Japanese audience.

If you own a Hatsune Miku nendo or other related Vocaloid nendoroids (plushies, dolls, and figurines are also acceptable!), and would like to share your images, then send your messages to [email protected]. But please follow these guidelines!

1: Please provide your name. This can be your screen name, or real name.

2: Tell her where you’re from! Just the name of your country is fine if you’re shy.

3: Please use only images that you own! Don’t steal other people’s work!

4: Images in 580×436 pixel size are preferred.

5: Please do not send any explicit material (no erotic or violent images).

6: Finally, include a message explaining why you love Hatsune Miku!

Tokiko is looking forward to what everyone has to share. If you want to read her blog, you can click the partner link on the right, or just click here. The English translation button for the blog is in the upper right corner of her page. Thank you very much to everyone who participates!

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