Apr 292012


A couple days ago, it was announced that the DVD and Blu-Ray sets  for the recent concert in Tokyo are now available for pre-order. The Blu-Ray has a set price of 11,401 JPY ($142 USD) and the DVD has a set price of 9,860 JPY ($123 USD). This may seem expensive at first, but these are 7 disk sets that contain concerts from both days, as well as music disks! Both products are capable of shipping internationally, despite being purchased from the Japanese Amazon site. Just click in the upper right corner where it says “Would you like to see this page in English?”. If that doesn’t work, you can always translate the page using Google.

The sets are due to ship on August 29th, roughly 4 months from now. Remember: the DVDs will have a region lock, but can be played in a PC after converting your DVD drive to Region 2 (Japan). You can only change your drive’s region 4 times, so it makes more sense to also have a dedicated DVD drive for Japanese region DVDs. You can find slim-type external DVD drives for as low as $30 or less these days.

Hatsune Miku’s Facebook page admins forgot to add the link for the DVD box set. So I made sure to add it to this article to make it easier to find.

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