Apr 272012

That face is so cute, it should be illegal.

I’m not really one to give reviews on anything, but this is my first real figurine besides Nendoroids. So I’m pretty excited about finally getting this. Full thoughts and additional images can be found in the full story. 


I had pre-ordered this figurine back in November, so it’s been a long 5 month wait. I’ve even purchased new display shelves in preparation for this figurine, and new ones that are likely to follow. The total cost of the figurine including shipping was roughly $100 USD.

The title “HSP ver.” means that the figurine is based on artwork by HSP/HanasoumenP/Kanzaki Hiro. Although distributed by Goodsmile, this figurine is produced by Max Factory. The package decoration on the front isn’t too spectacular, but it doesn’t need to be. The unique design of the figurine is amazing enough on its own. The backside of the box features a few closeup images, and the original artwork that inspired the piece. You’ll also find the all important holographic “Japan” sticker, marking the product’s authenticity.

I’ve never handled other scaled figurines before, so I don’t have a proper comparison. But it has a very high quality and sturdy feel to it. The attention to the smaller details is spot on without any noticeable errors. The paint on her outfit has a more “textured” appearance, while the legs have a high gloss look. The little alien-looking speaker included seems to have the same high gloss finish. The figurine required minimal re-assembly to remove some protective packaging, but nothing too difficult.

After assembly, the figurine stands at a solid 8 inches tall, or just over 20cm without the stand. The level of detail in the figure for being painted, especially in the eyes, is surprising. It’s incredibly smooth and eye catching. The backside wasn’t neglected either, and her outfit conforms to the body, and has “wrinkles” to give it a realistic look. The hair keeps itself properly balanced against her skirt and her legs, so I don’t have any worries about the gradual “warping” seen with some figurines.

My only complaint is that the keyboard accessory seems to be made of much cheaper material than the rest of the model. The detail of the paint is just as nice as the figurine itself, but it just feels… Lighter. Since it’s just an accessory, it’s not too much of a concern.

Overall, for my first proper scale figurine, I’m pretty happy. The production quality is pretty solid, there’s no physical errors to be seen, and I have a piece based on one of my favorite illustrative and musical artists. I couldn’t ask for anything more! Images of the figurine can be found below. Just click the images to see the full size versions.
The front side of the box.

The back side of the box.

The all important authenticity sticker.

Front-side view.

Back-side view.

Dem legs!

The alien… Speaker… Thing…

Figurine height measured.


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