Apr 202012

While I’ve spent a lot of time answering everyone’s messages on Facebook and Youtube, I realize that a lot of you who are simply reading this site may have questions yourselves. I’ll be pretty busy for the next few days, but I will take the time to host a quick Q&A article with my viewers. If you have any questions regarding my “Stop posting save Miku topics and videos” article, feel free to ask. Or if you have anything you want to ask me that may be more personal, I’ll answer those as well.

Simply post a question in the comments, and I’ll add them to this article along with my response for everyone to see. I’ll keep the Q&A open until my next blog update, which should be a few days from now. I recently received my order of the Hatsune Miku HSP ver. figurine, and I’m hoping to do a proper review.

EDIT: Questions are now closed!


Nuglam asks: Is there a way to contact you about topics that may or may not deserve a post? And will you implement a widget for questions or suggestions later?

Answer: I do not have a public contact email, but you can contact me at any time by PMing on my youtube channel located at http://www.youtube.com/jrharbort/. I respond to all messages. I am not the owner of Mikufan, so I will need to speak to the owner about permission for adding a new plugin. So it’s possible that one will be added later.

Sherlock asks: Out of curiosity, who’s your favorite V1 character? V2? V3?

Answer: My favorite V1 character, believe it or not, is Kaito. He makes a pretty excellent male companion in duets with other Crypton Vocaloids. I’m also eagerly waiting for his Append release. My favorite V2 Vocaloid is Hatsune Miku simply due to her high level of flexibility, and also due to how well she goes with Vocalectro (Vocaloid+Electro) styled music. The V3 character that has my eye right now is IA, for many of the same reasons as Miku. She’s extremely flexible in the range of genres she can work with, and she also fits with Vocalectro extremely well.

Makoto9 asks: I’m torn between buying Project Diva 2nd, and Project Diva Extend. Which would you recommend, and why?

Answer: Project Diva 2nd and Extend both have PV modes, and it’s true that Extend does offer far less songs (10 less to be precise). Adding all of those extra modules really took up a lot of the game’s storage space. But Extend does offer more in terms of gameplay enjoyment, such as items that can even increase the difficulty of gameplay. The song selection in Extend is also more in line with a “Greatest Hits” collection, so many of the songs are bound to be very familiar with many fans. I’ve played both, and I had a lot more fun with Extend than I did with 2nd. If I had to choose again, I’d go with Extend. The Project Diva Wiki has a lot of useful information explaining the changes in Extend.

Alex asks: I am curious about your line of work, social structure, and family structure. Also what your religion. Is this too personal of a question?

Answer: I work part time with one of my older brothers for the moment, since getting a proper full time job in my area has proven difficult. I’m still trying though. Social structure? I think I’m doing fairly well in that department. I had just recently hosted a large Brony meet (gasp, he’s a Brony too?!). It went pretty well. My family is Christian, although I’m not too religious myself. But I would not consider myself to be atheist.

gabriel razo asks: can you please make a concert in Las Vegas i dont have money to travel =(

Answer: I’d love to go to Vegas to perform for you, but I’m a horrible singer. Thanks for asking though!

Andrew Murphy asks: After receiving many mixed information from various websites what is the verdict of another tour and possibly within the united states. Also how successful was the tour in the states as in sales because I regret missing the buffalo concert.

Crypton and SEGA have not yet had a tour in the United States. The first live performance was in Los Angeles at Anime Expo 2011, and they even held a special conference at the New York Comic Con late last year. There has been no official announcement about a nationwide “tour” with the exception of a possible return to L.A. in 2013. But this can always change.

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