Dec 272014

Recently, the highly popular 3D choreography tool MikuMikuDance has appeared on Steam Greenlight, to begin the voting stage to be approved to the Steam store. The software was published to Steam Greenlight by Sekai Project, a company also known for licensing the release of visual novels on the Steam store.

“But isn’t MikuMikuDance already free?”, you’re probably wondering. The answer is yes, and the Steam release will remain free. The steam release has been approved by the creator himself, Higuchi, and it will serve as another distribution portal for the software, while also hopefully attracting new and curious users.

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Of course, this is only the beginning of Sekai Project’s plans. Currently, the MMD communities are scattered across various wikis, blogs and deviantarts. Sekai Project hopes to turn this into a more collaborative and organized community, much like Piapro.

The software and respective models must continue to follow all creators guidelines (of course), and it will be up to the community to help teach the newcomers proper Vocaloid etiquette. Go forth and vote to show your support!

EDIT: It’s been successfully greenlit!

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