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Here is something for the hardcore fans. It just came to our attention that the first official/commercial Hatsune Miku compilation disc was released on August 27, 2008. The disc was produced and mastered by livetune and was published by Victor Entertainment.

miku repack

The compilation includes several amazing songs including the very popular “Last Night, Good Night“. While the first print of the CD is already sold out, the regular edition is still available at several importers. Those of you who wannt to show their love and appreciation to the author might really wanna pick up a copy.

The CD is available at cdjapan for a mere $17. First time customers can also pick up the 200 Yen coupon.

So go ahead and grab one before the regular editions are also sold out!

Here is the full track list:

1. Anthem
2. Packaged
3. over16bit!
4. シューティング☆スター
5. 虹色
6. 椛
7. Light Song
8. リラホルン
9. 日々の夢想い
10. ファインダー
11. ドキドキ♪ハートチューン
12. ストロボナイツ
13. Last Night,Good Night
14. Packaged-piano ver.-
15. our music

Thanks to YouTube user w1www1ww for submitting this!

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