Jan 022012

No doubt one of the biggest (and buggiest) games of 2011 has to be Skyrim. So it was only natural that people from within the Vocaloid community would find a way to import a model of Hatsune Miku into the game. Be warned, people who like to think of Miku as an innocent and non-violent character may want to look away from the following video.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POBp_SIskIg]Now if only they could turn the swords into leeks…

The model does have it’s faults, though, mainly being the lack of any hair physics. But for a first attempt, it’s pretty interesting. You can find information and a download for the mod in the description of the video here.

EDIT: Thanks to a video by SeyrenLK, it seems there is even a leek/sword mod to go with it.

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