Jun 142015

Beginning June 12th, Hatsune Miku fans were able to place reservations at the Huaihai Road store in Shanghai for 100 white PlayStation 4 units, and 100 white PlayStation Vita units, each with their own unique bonuses. The PS4 bundle was priced at 2899 Yuan ($465 USD), and included a replacement hard drive cover plate with a decorative Miku Expo decal, and a ticket voucher for an “A” section seat at the concert. The Vita bundle included a somewhat simple looking Miku Expo shirt, and cost 1299 Yuan ($208 USD).

As one of the main event sponsors of Hatsune Miku Expo in Shanghai, Sony PlayStation China seems to have underestimated the attraction Hatsune Miku goods have to hardcore fans, and didn’t have nearly enough stock of their event promotion bundles (haven’t we seen something like this happen before?). Despite planning to keep reservations open until June 20th, the bundles have been reported to be completely sold out in the first 24 hours. Honestly, who didn’t see that one coming?

Hopefully Sony will learn from this and stock enough goods in the future. And preferably with goods not as expensive as the Miku Xperia edition phone, which sold poorly for being too costly. Official promotion page: http://www.playstation.com.cn/activities/MIKU.htm


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