Apr 182014

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Adding to my previous announcement of Magical Mirai 2014’s ticket details (found here), additional details have been added for accommodation and tour packages for the Osaka event. Packages are available for both Japanese and overseas visitors.

Accommodation packages for overseas visitors cost anywhere from 21,500 JPY to 32,500 JPY per person, depending on the room size and number of nights. The price also includes an SS seating ticket (seating chart here), breakfast, and a special gift giveaway. Package reservations will open starting April 26th at 12:00 PM JST, and will end on May 20th at 12:00 PM JST (unless sold out). Please refer to the below links for full details.

Overseas visitor packages: http://entame.knt.co.jp/2014/magicalmirai/en/
Japanese visitor packages: http://entame.knt.co.jp/2014/magicalmirai/

Details of the exhibition hall for the Osaka event has also been updated to reveal activities and attractions. These will include life-sized figures, an illustration gallery, a music listening area, commemorative photo area, stage events and a workshop area. The exhibition activities will take place in building 4 of the Osaka Intex.

Lastly, the Magical Mirai official website has also been updated with new main visual artwork (seen above), illustrated by MONQ.

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