Aug 122014

The details regarding the Exhibition events for Miku Expo in both Los Angeles and New York have been released, and reveals some exciting details unique to each location. For Los Angeles, the exhibition will be held at the Los Angeles Center Studios from October 11th~12th, and Wallplay in New York from October 9th~19th. Entrance to both events will be free to the public.

Los Angeles Art Exhibition Details: This event is held as a Japanese Matsuri-styled festival event, with an art exhibition around the universe of Hatsune Miku, featuring a selection of gorgeous artworks by popular artists, and centered around a special Halloween-themed space. Exclusive items will be on sale at the shop to make for a fun and original Halloween celebration. [Link]

New York Art Exhibition Details: A selection of cool and exclusive artworks and posters featuring the universe of Hatsune Miku, showcasing different aspects of the culture that she initiated in her native Japan and that is now taking on the world. Some of the posters exhibited are on sale at the venue. [Link]

It has also been revealed that an official Hatsune Miku Halloween version nendoroid (based on the illustration above) will be on sale this fall, and sold at both Miku Expo venues. Although they did not directly reveal what the nendoroid looks like, a tweet from Hama at Good Smile Company gave us a hint at what we can expect, and says the nendoroid will be fully revealed at Magical Mirai in Osaka later this month.

This previously unknown nendoroid revealed at the Good Smile Company live stream last May will be the upcoming Nendoroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween version.

Backside view of upcoming Nendoroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween version.

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