Jan 202015

Hatsune Miku fans attempting to visit MikuBook.com today were instead greeted by the above message, announcing the closure of the site. According to a tweet by Crypton Future Media CEO, Hiroyuki Itoh (posted below), the site closure will allow the CFM staff to focus their efforts and resources on other future projects.

MikuBook.com launched in July 2011, with the “Very Early Beta!” release first announced to visitors of Anime Expo 2011, where the massively popular Mikunopolis concert event took place. At first it focused on a community-based Vocaloid music suggestion service, which offered new songs for you to try based on the favorites you chose, and favorites by others.

The site later went on to also host game events, offer news updates, and act as a hub for the “Find Me!” campaign for Miku Expo. We’d like to thank Crypton for their service in providing a site for fans to enjoy, and we look forward to what their future projects hold in store.

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