Mar 012012

The more, the merrier! Image via pixiv.

It is always an interesting and fun to make new connections and friends within the Vocaloid community. Especially on an international level. That’s what makes the community so awesome!

So Mikufan is proud to announce two new site partners. Both of which offer something unique and enjoyable for everyone.

Mikustar is a relatively new fansite that started out aimed at the Canadian fanbase. But the owner Scott has recently broadened his reach to become a North American fansite. You’ll find updates on news, character bios, and also unique art done specially for Mikustar. So go check them out!

The second newest partner is Tokiko’s Diary Sapporo, which is a Japanese blog written by a user living directly in Sapporo. The hometown of Hatsune Miku herself! The site is in Japanese, but she offers a translation button to help with understanding what the articles are about. You’ll find interesting picture stories on daily activities such as cooking, TV broadcasts, outdoor expeditions, etc. But all done using her cute Nendo figurines, and various accessories.

You can find the sites listed on the right under “Partner Sites”, making browsing between sites a simple one click process. I’m proud to make these connections, and I hope everyone enjoys what both sites have to offer!

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